whangaiis an angel investment firm, with one purpose only: to help entrepreneurs scale their company.

whangailoves the challenge of scaling companies and working with highly passionate individuals.

whangaiis a traditional Maori practice where a child is raised by someone other than their birth parents.

whangaihelps entrepreneurs scale their company, like a wise parent.

“I wanted to create a firm based on the values I have nourished over the years. I believe in the Maori concepts represented by the Hei Matau, Koru, Kiwi, and Wera symbols.”

— Chris Zadeh

Founder of Whangai


In Maori, the symbol ‘HEI MATAU’ is a fishhook.

It represents strength, prosperity and abundance.


Nelson Mandela said, "There is no passion to be found playing small, in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living."

In Maori, the ‘KORU’ symbol is a ground fern and it represents new life, purity, peace and tranquility. A passionate life leads to sustained growth.


There are three choices in life: give in, give up, or give it all.

The ‘KIWI’ symbol is a bird and it represents perseverance, pride and endearment. If you have perseverance and a willingness to never give up, you’ll be successful at whatever you do in life.


When we work with people, a personal connection is a must.

The symbol “WERA” is a whale tail and it represents this personal connection, friendship, family, and harmony.

whangaiknows it’s the merge of these values into one tight knit team that will maximize the chances of success.


We help entrepreneurs scale their company. This is as versatile as it sounds. Whangai adds value by providing advice and support on how to scale, strategy, funding and M&A.

What ever the problem or question is at hand, our clients can wake us up at night for these discussions. We have been there ourselves for over twenty years.

We founded companies, scaled them up, raised capital, merged them, listed them and sold them.

Today, we sit side by side with entrepreneurs and help them scale their company. We use, next to our own experiences and skills, our enormous network of advisors, (fiscal) lawyers and other successful entrepreneurs.



Whangai Expeditions invests in tech companies with it's own capital. We focus on Cybersecurity, Ed-Tech & Learning and HR-Tech.


Whangai adds value by providing advice and support on how to scale, strategy, funding and M&A. What ever question or problem is at hand, our clients can wake us up at night for these discussions.


Some entrepreneurs have the need for a mentor, and we love to work with passionate and motivated entrepreneurs. We mentor them in mind, body, spirit and help them become true leaders.

Chris Zadeh

Chris met the founder of BinckBank, Kalo Bagijn, in the year 2000. He didn’t hesitate for a second and joined Kalo on an amazing adventure. What started on a whiteboard with the idea of creating an online broker emerged into a listed fintech unicorn in just 8 years.

After working in the fintech industry for 15 years Chris founded Ohpen in 2009, the first cloud-based core banking company in the world. As a survivor of a difficult childhood, Chris made the decision that it would not define him. With a give-it-all mindset, Chris embarked on a journey to defy the odds that were stacked against him and exceeded everyone’s expectations, including his own. While pursuing his dream to create the best core banking engine in the world, he was confronted with countless rejections and obstacles, but Chris never gave up.

After leading the company as CEO for ten years, Chris stepped down, sold his shares, and founded Whangai to help entrepreneurs scale their company.

It is the merger of his creativity and knowledge of technology and dealmaking into one tight-knit combination that helps his clients achieve their ultimate business goals and lifelong dreams.

He lives in the Alps, with his two dogs, Myza and Yucca. When Chris isn’t looking for new ideas and inspiration, or shark diving, he is practicing yoga, martial arts or meditating.

He is the author of the #1 Amazon bestselling Monkey Money Mind: How to Stop Monkeying Around with Your Money (Forbes) and Banking the Cloud: The Comprehensive History of Cloud Banking and Those Who Started It (Forbes) and the forthcoming Slow The Fck Down


“I believe you have to be willing to be misunderstood for a very long time if you're going to innovate.”

Jeff Bezos

Our founder, Chris Zadeh, lived by this quote for a long time when he was Founder/CEO of, the first cloudbanking provider ever in the world.


"As an investor, boardmember, mentor and investor I just look and try to find people with the same values as I have. And so far, I have been quite succesfull with this approach"


Power skill trainings that enable professionals to be more effective in their work and enjoy more happiness in life.

Eye Security

Making Europe a safe place to do business by combining no-nonsense cybersecurity measures with insurance for SME.


The #1 Talent Supplier Portal that integrates with 40+ ATS.


With Amberscript you can easily convert audio or video into text. We offer transcription and subtitling services.


10x is a members-only platform and community uniting top fractional leaders & professionals with ambitious companies. aiming for exceptional outcomes


“I have known, mentored and worked with Chris for over twenty years and for me it is a fact that if Chris is part of a deal, the deal will be better”.

Kalo Bagijn, Founder BinckBank & Brand New Day


“In my entire career as a CEO, entrepreneur and investor, I have rarely worked with anyone who, as an entrepreneur, negotiator and strategist, has made a big impression on me. Except for Chris Zadeh, who has proven to be very successful and capable in all these areas. On top of that, he honors his agreements and 100% trustworthy”.

Alex Mulder, Founder USG People


"Chris is one of the best negotiators I have ever met and during my time as CEO of Temenos I have met a lot."

David Arnott, former CEO Temenos


‘Chris has a unique combination of skills: on the one hand, he can think along with IT down to the smallest detail level. On the other hand, I have rarely met anyone who can hold such a convincing sales pitch. There are many good IT people and many good sales people on this earth. However, you rarely find a combination of both in one person. Except with Chris …

Nick Bortot, Founder BUX


“Chris is an entrepreneurial and tech savvy sparring partner with whom you always break new ground”

Maarten Edixhoven, CEO Van Lanschot


“I got to know Chris during our collaboration at Ohpen. His energy, creativity and sharpness make him a very valuable sparring partner and a nice guy to work with.”

Rutger Ruigrok, Managing Director NPM Capital


"Chris is literally the best “warrior” you can have on your side ”

Dennis Dijkstra, CEO FlowTraders


“Chris never settles for mediocre; his focus, curiosity and outspokenness make him one of my favorite business partners.”

Nadine Klokke, CEO Knab Bank


“I have rarely met such a good dealmaker as Chris.”

Rob van de Voort, Founder TMF Group


I know Chris as one of the rare persons who combine vision, passion with strict execution. Chris is a true entrepreneur, and his energy and curiosity are inspiring.

Marco Keim, member of the Management Board of Aegon N.V.


“I have gotten to know Chris as a person who uses his energy and focus to believe, create and grow. His sharp and creative entrepreneurial thinking combined with his witty personality makes stand out. He continues where others stop and does not shy away from hurdles or obstacles, he rather overcomes them.”

Karin van Baardwijk, CEO Robeco


“I think we can all confirm that there are people who are gifted with special talents. Chris’ talent is his ability to develop a stubborn and visionary view on digital evolution. This combined with a stellar customer focus and dealmaking abilities makes him extremely valuable in all Fintech circumstances.”

Vincent Germyns, CEO SaxoBank


“Chris is a straight forward down to earth guy. He has the unique quality of being an IT “master” with strong commercial and business acumen. Chris shares knowledge & experience, dares to challenge you and enabling you to get honest and direct feedback to improve your performance”.

Jordy Kool, Owner Urban Gym Group & Investor


Chris is an authentic personality who can connect strategic issues with practical implementation. This gives him crucial knowledge to guide the transition to a new phase with new financiers.

Sven Kelder, CEO Robidus

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